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WIND BAND | 2021 | 5:00 | GRADE 5

2020 brought the world to a pause. With the global pandemic of COVID-19, so many of life’s simple joys were taken, including the opportunity to perform music.


To me, music is one of the greatest means of communication. When it was taken away, the language of music became foreign- and for some, a passion for the subject disappeared. Now, as the world slowly takes its turn again, a love for music has grown- through separation, we grew stronger.


I wrote In Living Color as an ode for live music, especially music performed on the wind band stage. The piece offers a kaleidoscope of colors and energy from modern jazz artists such as Snarky Puppy, American Boy singer Estelle, and takes inspiration from George Gershwin.


Please help me celebrate life and all the small things that lead to big things with In Living Color.

In Living Color BandKATAHJ COPLEY
00:00 / 04:30
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