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In 2020, the world had to pause as the global pandemic of COVID-19 entered all of our lives. So many events and so much of life’s simple joys were taken from us including for many the opportunity to perform music. Music is one of the greatest means of communication and when taken away, the language of music becomes foreign and for some the passion for music is lost. Now as the world slowly begins to turn again, the passion of music and the passion to hear live music has grown. Through separation, we have grown stronger. This is why I wrote this piece. In Living Color is an ode to live music and the return to the wind band stage. This piece was inspired by the different colors of modern jazz like Snarky Puppy to the likes of George Gershwin to hits like Estelle’s American Boy in order to create a kaleidoscope of colors and energy. This is a celebration of life and all the small things that lead to the big things. This is In Living Color.


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