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WIND BAND | 2019 | 07:00 | GRADE 4/5

At one point, I was severely depressed. 

Life wasn’t easy, doubt burned every aspect of my life and I felt alone. 

Everything I once loved, seemed so far away. 

I couldn’t even find the courage- the strength to do what I love: write.

 When I thought I was stuck in darkness, I met someone with enough light to revive my soul. Kathryn Barnett is the reason why this piece exists.

I began writing Sunshine because of her joy, her happiness-

her love for helping people become the best they can be.


Thank you, Katie. You helped me find the sunshine again.


Sunshine is an ode to the sun and the shades it beams throughout the world. The beginning displays the brightest of the sun: an infancy filled with hope and promise. As the piece continues, vibrant energy and happiness gazes throughout, leading to a tone shift infusing passion to a more intense color. Continuing in its forward direction, Sunshine reaches a moment of bliss- a moment of relaxation and concludes with a burst of colors represented by the motifs of the piece. 


This is Sunshine.

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