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The story of Icarus has always fascinated me - how the hubris of one man led to his demise; the underlying theme of humility. I decided to dive into the subject and make the story for a wind ensemble setting. 
I. Rise- This movement is written for brass and percussion. The sun is rising Daedalus is looking out to the skies and his son Icarus rises. They are prisoners looking for a way to escape. They begin to make their way to the Sky with the use of wings.
II. Hubris- The mixed meter beginning symbolizes the flight of Icarus. He begins to embrace the air and all its wonders but in doing so he believes he is a god among men. After the flugelhorn solo, the piece gets darker, symbolizing Icarus’s fall to his death 
III. Elegy- Written entirely for woodwinds and percussion. This scene represent Daedalus, a man of much hubris, mourning the loss of his son to his own hubris. As he cries the sun sets and the night enters. The end of Icarus. 
This is Icarus

ICARUS (Score and Parts)

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