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FOR 10 WINDS | 2021 | 05:30 | GRADE 4

To Hannah, my grandlittle in my service fraternity.


Melioristic- The belief that the human condition can be improved through concerted effort.

When writing the PAVANE I wanted to take an old style of writing and dance and add my own colors. The piece is centered on themes and harmonies that are both lovely and dissonant; the colors of the piece display warmth and vivid hues, and overall this piece is a sketch of how the human life can go from a cold unknown idea to a beautiful lively piece of art. With the guidelines of a basic pavane (duple meter dance) I wanted to add a unique twist to an old composition style: a unique instrumentation. With this unique instrumentation- which includes a full saxophone quartet- this piece is a gateway to chamber music for instruments and colors that aren't so usual. This piece is an ode to composition styles from the past and the colors and instruments of the present.

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