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TUBA, EUPHONIUM, & PIANO | 2020| 12:00 | GRADE 5

“Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.”

LIMITLESS deals with the belief of change. The idea that a person can change their world from a world of darkness and hate to a world of endless possibilities. The piece is broken up into three sections: the idea, the belief, the reality.

As the piece progresses the intensity and complexity grows as the idea becomes real.


The idea: the listener seeks change but is continues to look for ways to grasp what they need.


The Belief: The listener realizes that the change is bigger than them, so they seek help from a bigger power and discovers more.

The Reality: The change is here. The hatred of the world continues to fight back but the listener continues to change the world and eventually brings new hope into a lost world.



Akshat Jain, Andrew Hitz, Armando Alicandu  Benjamin Vokits, Dr. Bill Waterman, Dr. Brendan Ige, Brian Kemble,

Brian Weingartner, Bruce W. Deal, Dr. Cale Self, Charles Villarrubia, Dr. Chasse Duplantis, Derek Ware, Ethan Millington,

Evan Sacks-Wilner  Gabriel Raske, Dr. Genevieve Clarkson, Dr. Gretchen Renshaw James, Guillermo Perez, Dr. Ian McCollum, James Long, Dr. Jamie Lipton, Jared Davis, Jared Sherman, Jarrod Briley, Jessica Payne, Dr. Jesse Orth, Jonah Zimmerman, Joseph Anthony Alvarez, Dr. Josh Calkin, Kevin Fenske, Kirsten Anne Hoogstraten, Lance LaDuke, Logan Jungman, Luke Bass, Mama and the OomPapas, Dr. Matt Hightower, Nathan C. Wood, Osmium, Dr. Paul Dickinson, Ramon Garavito, Jr., Ryan Matejek, Sam Baronowsky, Sean Breast, Sean Jobes, Stephen Nutt, Thomas Gerald, Will Emrich, William Nakamura

Special thanks to Matthew Kundler for organizing this journey.

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