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WIND ENSEMBLE | 2021| 05:00 | GRADE 4

This piece was written in memory of Candace Chrzan. Candace tragically lost her life on March 30, 2021 from a shooting incident outside of Carrollton, GA. She was one of the first groups of students I worked with at my time as an instructor for Mt. Zion High School. It seemed so surreal at the moment that a child I was able to meet for a short time was gone just like that. The community mourned and the band was in pain. When my words failed to say anything, I allowed music to speak. I was only around Candace for a brief time, but her death reminded me of how no matter the shortest of times, people will leave you memories that will last. This piece is about memories from her family and friends that will live with them even though she is sadly gone. This is about the joys she left in a bleak world.

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