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YEAR: 2023




Gradient is a three-movement work for soprano saxophone, piano, and percussion, exploring the range of moods and expressions that can be evoked through the use of color gradients. Each movement is titled after a different aspect of color theory, taking the listener on a journey through a vivid and evocative musical landscape.


The first movement, "Tints," is a study in expressive and vibrant warm colors, creating moments of life and intensity with the use of toms, glockenspiel, and marimba from the percussion section. The soprano saxophone and piano add intricate and soaring melodies to the mix, weaving a tapestry of sound that transports the listener to a world of vivid tints and hues.


The second movement, "Tone," takes the listener on a darker and more modern journey, with a progressive rock-inspired sound that evokes a colder and more metallic color palette. The soprano saxophone, piano, and vibraphone work together to create a complex and beautiful tonal landscape, with soaring soprano lines and melodic piano flourishes creating a sense of tension and urgency that builds throughout the movement.


The final movement, "Tinge," brings together the themes and elements from the previous movements in a dazzling display of rhythm and color. The intricate and alluring rhythms are matched by a high-energy performance, with the soprano saxophone, piano, and percussion all working together to create a sense of excitement and vitality that brings the piece to a thrilling and satisfying conclusion.


Overall, Gradient is a study in mood, expression, and color, taking the listener on a journey through the full range of emotions and experiences that can be conveyed through music. With its moments of dynamic performances, intricate rhythms, and evocative melodies, this is color. This is Gradient.

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