2020 | Grade 5 | 15:00

Concerto for Euphonium and Wind Ensemble

When trying to figure out the concept behind this concerto, I was going back and forth with many ideas and concepts that were in my head. I had all these colors to choose from when creating melodies and harmonies with a wind ensemble setting. It was like an artist painting; that's where the inspiration came from. With each movement there are senses of smearing of different colors to create new shades or new hues.

The first movement is a bold opening statement that is filled with bravado and moments. The second movement smears colors and creates new hues of harmony that are both intriguing and beautiful. Finally the third movement takes the energy of the other movements and transforms into a painting of fury and excitement. 

ii. Oil
iii. Ink


Behind The Player

Jon Buchholz is currently a Graduate student in Euphonium Performance at the University of West Georgia. Mr. Buchholz is an active clinician and performer in the area, teaching at over a dozen different high schools and middle schools and performing both as a soloist and lead musician in a number of ensembles. Mr. Buchholz's studio consistently produces GMEA district and all-state participants on a number of different brass instruments. Every summer, Jon works as a marching band instructor in both the brass and visual captions at high schools in Carroll County, Douglas County, and Gwinnett County.

Mr. Buchholz has been playing euphonium for the better part of a decade. In 2015 and 2017, he won the Concerto Competition at the University of West Georgia. In 2018, he was featured as a soloist with the UWG Wind Ensemble during their GMEA In-Service convention performance and most recently was featured on the Southeastern Premiere of Maslanka's tenth symphony. Additionally, he performed as a soloist with Bremen High School Wind Ensemble in fall of 2016. I was honored to have him be the conductor of the world premiere of Grosso Blue