2019 | Grade 5 | 10:00

An aubade is a piece of music dedicated to the sunrise. With this piece, I tried to recreate a sunrising from the darkest of nights; the piece begins with heavy fog from the low instruments and begins to build to the warm peak of the piece


2018 | 6:00

Tone Poem for Brass Ensemble and Percussion

 I was asked by Michael Turner, Conductor of the First Infanty Division Brass Choir, to write a piece that would describe an American in America. To me being an American is like being in a world of heartache and anger, but choosing to look beyond that and finding love and triumph. Hence the name of this piece. From the darkest of tragedy, we come together to find a way to rise above that tragedy and we triumph. The piece itself resolves around the afterlife. From their tragedies, the souls of the lost ones are sent to the afterlife. The beginning is soft and quiet representing the unknown. Through the piece there is a motif played first by the euphonium; this represents the song of the angels. Finally when the music swells and burst in color and euphoria the souls have ascended to home, Heaven. This is Beyond... 


2020 | Grade 5 | 15:00

When trying to figure out the concept behind this concerto, I was going back and forth with many ideas and concepts that were in my head. I had all these colors to choose from when creating melodies and harmonies with a wind ensemble setting. It was like an artist painting; that's where the inspiration came from. With each movement there are senses of smearing of different colors to create new shades or new hues.

The first movement is a bold opening statement that is filled with bravado and moments. The second movement smears colors and creates new hues of harmony that are both intriguing and beautiful. Finally the third movement takes the energy of the other movements and transforms into a painting of fury and excitement. 

Concerto for Euphonium and Wind Ensemble
ii. Oil
iii. Ink


2018 | Grade 5 | 10:00

Whenever I was at a low point in my life, I looked up to you as if you were the sky. And for that I thank you. Cerulea is an ode to the sky and the wonders it holds


2018 | 8:00

Split into two parts, The Calm and The Storm, Cloudburst takes technique and artistry to another level. Filled with emotion and high octane energy, this work certainly packs a punch.


2018 | Grade 3 | 4:00

This piece is dedicated to my grandfather. The day he died is a day I will never forget. Using metallic percussion to begin, this piece reflects my feelings that moment: confusion, anger, and sadness.


2018 | Grade 4 | 4:30

Colors in the Sky is about hope. There's a lot of moments in life where people give up doing what they love or have been beaten down in life. This piece was written to give support, to inspire to continue.


2019 | Grade 3 | 4:00

Rhapsody in the Style of Joe Hisaishi

In honor of the composer who had one of the biggest impact in my childhood, DragonFly is filled with impact and energy that soars through the ensemble. 


2018 | Grade 6 | 9:00

Concerto for Clarinet Trio and Wind Ensemble

Originally written for Chris Carr and Carrollton High School Wind Ensemble, Grosso Blue is filled with drama and high-octane fun. Grosso Blue takes elements of jazz and orchestral phrasing to create many wild moments throughout. From the opening marimba and vibraphone statements the band begins to rise and soon the clarinet trio (2 sopranos and 1 bass clarinet) emerge from the shadows and from there it's a wild ride. 


2018-2019 | Grade 6 | 20:00

Concerto for Bass Reed Quartet, Saxophone Ensemble, Piano, and Percussion

This piece is very special to me. Not only because its the challenge of the large instrumentation, but the backstory behind it. My sister use to tell me the story of mythical creatures and their origins. This piece explores three creatures: Kyrin, Monoceros, and the Griffin; illustrating their birth, their environment, and their disappearance.


2018 | Grade 5 | 6:00

This piece is based off the idea of imagination gone out of control. How much chaos can be fit into one piece? From chaos comes beauty and from beauty comes madness again.Throughout the piece there is this motif played by the marimba that serves as a small sense of stability through the piece; this leads to erratic entrances and sudden dynamic changes. Finally the piece's melody is played by the first trumpet. From trills to glisses this piece is what happens when your imagination goes a little out of control.


2019 | Grade 5 | 9:30

When I read the poem The Old Astronomer to His Pupil, two lines stuck out the most: 

Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light;
I have loved the stars too truly to be fearful of the night.

Those lines are the basis of this tone poem. Heaven at Night is a piece centered on the idea of acceptance toward the unknown- the ability to not be afraid of what comes next. Past the darkness of death there is Heaven and from at night it is at its most beautiful. Dedicated to Ann Wilson, a friend, a brother, and a soul that has helped me out of most of my fears.


2018 | Grade 3 | 3:00

Hurry is a fast pace, exciting thrill ride. From the very first chord to the last stinger, Hurry is a piece that all young musician will enjoy.


2019 | Grade 5

The story of Icarus has always fascinated me - how the hubris of one man led to his demise; the underlying theme of humility. I decided to dive into the subject and make the story for a wind ensemble setting. 
I. Rise- This movement is written for brass and percussion. The sun is rising Daedalus is looking out to the skies and his son Icarus rises. They are prisoners looking for a way to escape. They begin to make their way to the Sky with the use of wings.
II. The Color of Hubris- The mixed meter beginning symbolizes the flight of Icarus. He begins to embrace the air and all its wonders but in doing so he believes he is a god among men. After the flugelhorn solo, the piece gets darker, symbolizing Icarus’s fall to his death 
III. Elegy- Written entirely for woodwinds and percussion. This scene represent Daedalus, a man of much hubris, mourning the loss of his son to his own hubris. As he cries the sun sets and the night enters. The end of Icarus. 
This is Icarus


2019 | Masterwork | 45:00

Symphony for Wind Ensemble and Solo Tenor Voice

This piece is very special to me. Using the words of William Ernest Henley's poem, Invictus, this piece invokes the journey of being at your lowest to finding yourself and redeeming yourself. 


2019 | Grade 4 | 5:00

Iris, named after the Greek Goddess of Colors and Rainbows, is a journey through the sea of sound. This piece highlights the many colors and shades of sounds. From light to darkness and from bright to dim, this piece really magnifies the importance of sound and how we find the different colors of it.


2019 | Grade 5-6 | 3:00

Nova gets its namesake from the word nova meaning new and supernova- a powerful luminous stellar explosion. The beginning is like a small star shining bright with different colors around it but as the music continues to grow the star gets bigger. Finally the star exploded- shooting colors and light throughout turning the old star into the new star,filled with dreams, colors, and joy bigger than most.


2019 | Grade 5 | 6:30

The origins of this piece come from this marimba motif I heard once in my life. From there the marimba's energy is spread to the rest of the percussion and into the ensemble. Sunshine is my ode to the sun and and the many colors it can show throughout the world. The beginning displays the brightest of the sun at its infancy filled with hope and promise. The 3/4 section is filled with more happiness and vibrant energy. Soon the tone shifts to a more passionate and intense color; the music begins to move in a forward direction until we reach a moment of bliss and peace. The colors shift to a lighter tone and a more relaxed approach. Finally, the ensemble brings out all the motifs to give the piece its colorful conclusion. This is Sunshine.


2017 | 12:00

Tone Poem for Saxophone Ensemble

Spectra gets its name from two different spectrum: spectrum of color and spectrum of life. From the warmth of opening your eyes for the first time, to the excitement of childhood, to the experience of love, to the end of life, I wanted to create a work that sums up what I believe is an amazing life. This is Spectra.


2020 | Grade 4 | 5:00

When looking up in the sky, the stars are ever so freeing. Filled with wonder and filled with hope, they are the sketches of the universe. With this lyrical piece, a melody is brought and it evolves into something stellar.


2020 | Grade 3 | 5:00

WildHeart is an experience of fast and exciting colors.This piece centers on the idea of someone with a free spirit; willing to look for the next adventure.This piece focuses on an ostinato that is introduced by the woodwinds and mallets.The melody follows from the brass.