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For Brass Quintet

Binding Light is this opening filled with shining color and radiant energy. The starting melody from the first trumpet represents this sense of peace followed by the rest of the ensemble. This fanfare is one filled with energy and excitement!

GLASS (2019)

For Flute Quartet

In two movements, this piece represents the confidence in people with the idea of glass. The first movement is Shards, this represents a person looking for themselves through the world. The second movement, Crystal is the culmination of everything; the person knows who they are.


for Glockenspiel and Vibraphone

Based off of the theme of Pure Imagination, this piece represents the idea of an "imaginarium", a place where you store your creativity and freedom in your head. The piece is a duet for Glockenspiel and Vibraphone; creating this impressionistic flight of music.

SKYLINE (2019)

for Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble

This recording has become a favorite among fans, as it has various pitch ranges paired with amazing instrumental melodies. I worked incredibly hard on all of the arrangements, and I’m proud to be able to present the fans with this amazing piece. Listen to this recording, as well as many other recordings now.


For Woodwind Quintet

This piece is centered around one number: Five. From the harmonies to the meter changes, this work is both technically and harmonically savvy. This piece is also available for String Quintet.


For Tuba Quartet

Written in 2017. This piece represents an emotional side of music I was able to unlock in myself that year.

WILLOW (2017)

For Saxophone and Harp

Written for The Launch Duo


For Saxophone Ensemble

Piece is also written for voice


Concerto For Euphonium and Piano

Gemstones is a concerto I wrote for Euphonium player Jon Buccholz. On our way back from the 2018 MidWest Band Clinic in Chicago Illinois, he challenged me to write a piece at the airport... this is that piece