2018 | 8:00

for Brass Ensemble and Percussion

 I was asked by Michael Turner, Conductor of the First Infanty Division Brass Choir, to write a piece that would describe an American in America. To me being an American is like being in a world of heartache and anger, but choosing to look beyond that and finding love and triumph. Hence the name of this piece. From the darkest of tragedy, we come together to find a way to rise above that tragedy and we triumph. The piece itself resolves around the afterlife. From their tragedies, the souls of the lost ones are sent to the afterlife. The beginning is soft and quiet representing the unknown. Through the piece there is a motif played first by the euphonium; this represents the song of the angels. Finally when the music swells and burst in color and euphoria the souls have ascended to home, Heaven. This is Beyond... 

Beyond for Brass Ensemble

Beyond for Brass Ensemble