Katahj is a magnificently gifted young composer! His music shows a highly innovative melodic and harmonic sense-he has a truly unique musical voice beyond his years!!

Dr. John Bleuel


for Wind Ensemble

The origins of this piece come from this marimba motif I heard once in my life. From there the marimba's energy is spread to the rest of the percussion and into the ensemble. Sunshine is my ode to the sun and and the many colors it can show throughout the world. The beginning displays the brightest of the sun at its infancy filled with hope and promise. The 3/4 section is filled with more happiness and vibrant energy. Soon the tone shifts to a more passionate and intense color; the music begins to move in a forward direction until we reach a moment of bliss and peace. The colors shift to a lighter tone and a more relaxed approach. Finally, the ensemble brings out all the motifs to give the piece its colorful conclusion. This is Sunshine.

for Wind Ensemble

This piece is based off the idea of imagination gone out of control. How much chaos can be fit into one piece? From chaos comes beauty and from beauty comes madness again.Throughout the piece there is this motif played by the marimba that serves as a small sense of stability through the piece; this leads to erratic entrances and sudden dynamic changes. Finally the piece's melody is played by the first trumpet. From trills to glisses this piece is what happens when your imagination goes a little out of control.

for Wind Ensemble

The term Nova comes from two definitions: nova meaning new and supernova meaning a powerful luminous stellar explosion.





As the world copes with these unexpected times, please remember the power of music. Find the light in your favorite music and it will help through these dark times. 


December 18, 2019

MidWest Clinic is this week! If you would like to connect with me at Chicago, send me an email!


November 1, 2019

Grosso Strange will have its official premiere on November 13 by the University of West Georgia Saxophone Ensemble. The soloists will be Katie Barnett on Bass Clarinet, Jordan Thorne on Baritone Saxophone, Cody Graham on Bassoon, and Katahj Copley on Bass Saxophone.


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